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Come hither, come hither!

This is the directory of stories by me, arctic_grey. Under the cut you will find select stories written between 2008 and 2012. I hope that you'll enjoy reading them!

Stories of boys
who stomped their feet, saying,
"Shut- shut up!
I am dreaming of places
where lovers have wings."

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BN Boys

Book FAQ

Hey guys!

In these modern times we live in, we can now get stories bound as books pretty easily, which is great! This also means that a while back some of you started getting my fics bound as books. It now has gotten to the point where the fics-turning-into-books should be regulated somewhat, and so that’s what we’ll do!

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Hotel bed

If You Want to Be Common and Other THROAM ficlets

They exist. Post-THROAM scribbles, that is. HUZZAH.

The original, actual story very much stands on its own. These ficlets have been self-indulgent to the fullest. They're short and offer small glimpses of things that I saw happening to Ryan and Brendon during their lives together. The first ficlet was written for a reader who made some artwork for a story and who originally did not wish for me to share the ficlet with others. Consider it's been a while now, though, I figured it'd be alright to let others read it too. :) I don't necessarily agree with my characterisation of Ryan in it, I've made him too timid, but it'd be too much effort to go change it. It's the longest ficlet there.

The fics have different POVs, so have fun with that. ;) And the third ficlet was once posted on my writing blog but it's been tweaked since. Also note how I kept writing in etymology bits into the ficlets. BECAUSE I CAN. And the last ficlet undoubtedly has numerous errors in it. Just roll with it.

This stuff hasn't been betaed because they're just ficlets. Just for fun. All mistakes are my own. Now let's see if I still remember how to do an LJ cut...

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I get asked THROAM questions frequently and some questions keep popping up. I am thus putting them together to save me from having to retype answers in the future. Feel free to suggest any further THROAM points that this post should include! I essentially put in whatever you guys wanted me to answer. :)

Please note: this FAQ includes spoilers for all volumes. READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL.

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