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Beggar's Notes

The writing journal of arctic_grey

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Like seagulls on crack
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Dreaming of places where lovers have wings
This is the writing journal of arctic_grey, consisting of slashy bandom fan fiction. Hmmm!
The Serious/Official Stuff
All stories and events are entirely fictional. Characters, though based on real-life musicians, correspond to their models solely in name and appearance. No harm or offence is meant to those depicted in these stories, they are simply the result of my perverted imagination. That being said, the worlds created are my own, the storylines and plots are my own too. The views and opinions expressed by the characters do not necessarily correspond with those of the author. Titles are my own unless otherwise noted.

Do not steal or plagiarise in any way. I will find you and get your plagiarised material taken down, so safe us both the drama - cheers.

As a general warning, this site contains content that is not suitable for minors. Please make sure you have thoroughly consulted the rating and additional warnings of any story before reading.
Et cetera
Wow, that was a lot of official information! I hope that you'll enjoy your stay!

Much love,

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Inspiration: all of you (and Spencer’s hips).

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